Photographer in order by photoshoot date oldest to newest

Marc Fleurinor

My third ever paid photoshoot but first photoshoot that got me back into the modeling world full time after my long break. Focusing on Fashion, Beauty, Portraits, and weddings. His studio is located in the Five Points area of Columbia, SC. With Marc, you’ll have anywhere from editorial shots to beauty and fashion. He has ongoing partnerships with many local stylists that you can also include in your photoshoot

His website

Mark Farmer

From Pageant headshots to Fashion and weddings Mark does it all and perfectly at that. Forever will be grateful for our amazing time during photoshoots! I’ve worked with him twice and by far two of my favorite photoshoots, you’ll never get a photo back from him that you won’t love! Professional to the core and the most amazing and unique images. He’s super nice and has the most creative ideas. In need of glamor from natural to pageant, he’s your guy!

His website

Honi Media

From working with Honi multiple times over this last year and a half you would never guess that he just recently moved here from Jamaica. His ability to make your personality show through your photos is one of a true professional. With OCF he makes you pop out of the photos and give you an amazing life-like look. From Elopements and weddings to Cosplay and Fashion he can take any concept or want of yours and make it come to life for your photos.

His IG @Honimedia

Francisco Jauregui – Fotosbyfranco

With a specialization in dance photography Franco and I wanted to do something different. We took my dance and Cheer background and just did an athletic-inspired shoot! He has a very respectful way of working with models and having him guide me in my first ever Dance shoot was easier than trying to figure it out myself. We also took some modeling digitals after to add to my portfolio for castings. if you’re ever in the Aiken County area you’ll have to definitely check his studio out and work with him.

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Arthur Ellis

With a specialization in portraits, Arthur captures timeless beauty and memories in every frame. With a full-service luxury studio Arthur and I worked together for the first time on a book cover-inspired session and he happened to surprise me by doing a few photos in full glam makeup from Adrienne Culp with my mom. His photos have added an element of surprise to my portfolio and my mom and I have framed the photos he took of us and put them on our walls.

His website

Jordan Trager

Having a dark and mysterious vibe to his photos Jordan’s photos have attracted many Halloween enthusiasts and cosplayers. Located out of Camden, SC the county next door to where I grew up and Jordan found each other through social media. shooting many concepts with Jordan has been so fun. Getting to experience his talent in person is definitely something I am glad I got to do (especially when fire is involved)

His IG @trager_bombs

Scott’s Design Photography

With a studio based in Sumter, My first photoshoot with him included a lot of fall fashion. Scott is known for his model meetup he sets up as well as his unique editing style. Not only did he possess exceptional technical skills and an artistic eye, but he was also an excellent communicator and a joy to work with.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a talented and reliable photographer. especially to a model looking to build his/her portfolio with high-quality photos.

His website

Tony Claremont – @beardedspoooon

Always a pleasure working with Tony. With his skill in both digital and film, he brings a whole new look to photography. With his ability to capture the essence, he had a unique eye for detail and composition. He effortlessly brings out the best in every subject, making even the most normal scenes come alive with beauty and emotion. He took the time to understand my vision and goals as a model and collaborated with me to bring those ideas to life. Ensuring that every aspect of the shoot was carefully planned and executed. The end result was always a collection of stunning images that exceeded all expectations.

Rohan Wolf

After being friends with Rohan through my mom and PPSC I was elated to work with him. His images always come out stunning and I’ve never seen myself so confident in photos. working with this dork who has become family is still forever a laugh fest with his hilarious jokes. He has an innate ability to see the world in a different light, finding beauty in the simplest of things and transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary works of art. His photographs evoke strong emotions, leaving viewers captivated and inspired. I will never stop wanting to work with Rohan. He has and continues to capture the most amazing photos of me and huge milestones not only in my career but in life.

His IG @r.o.h.a.n.w.o.l.f

Chelsea Porter

Did my first-ever Halloween concept with Chelsea and it was so much fun!  Her talent and creativity were truly remarkable, and she brought a unique vision to our project. From the moment we started discussing the concept, it was evident that she had a deep understanding of the Halloween theme and a passion for capturing its essence. Her ability to capture the mood and atmosphere of Halloween was unparalleled, resulting in stunning and hauntingly beautiful photographs. Working with Chelsea was an absolute pleasure, and her talent as a photographer is truly exceptional.

Her IG @chelseamporter

Judah Townsend

About –

With my camera I seek to combine these elements, crafting dreamy, soft imagery where my subjects dominate the frame in a way where they appear larger than life.

These pieces, along with rich environmental storytelling, create a narrative that will capture your audience’s attention and make them want to join in the fantasy. My creative approach is thoughtful, open-minded, and very collaborative. I look forward to helping you craft images that help communicate the fantasy of your product.” – Judah

His website

Tron Moses Media

About – Tron Moses is a well-sought-after photographer. He will travel to various locations for the client or to get a great shot. He mentors many photographers. Tron gives excellent work and has invested in high-quality gear guaranteed to satisfy any client. He takes time to retouch and sharpen every image captured on camera. His photography consists of colorful and lively imagery. He is graced to produce outstanding photos for you. He is also passionate about videography. He is originally from Brooklyn, New York but currently resides in Florence, South Carolina with his wife Kimberly. Tron Moses’ work glorifies his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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One of the most talented and accomplished photographers in Rock Hill is a multi-published artist who has gained recognition for their exceptional work. This photographer has consistently captured breathtaking images that have been featured in numerous prestigious publications. Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of subjects, from stunning landscapes, boudoir, cosplay, and captivating portraits, each displaying a unique and captivating perspective.

His IG @LMFPhotography

Samantha Bond

I had the pleasure of working with Samantha at a meetup event at the state fair. As a model, I was impressed by her professionalism and creativity throughout the shoot even as she was still learning a few things. She took the time to get to know me and understand my personal style, which allowed her to bring out the best in my poses and expressions. Throughout the shoot, She was constantly adjusting lighting and angles to capture the perfect shot.

Her IG @samanthabondphoto

Sarah Sandquist – @Vestige.vale

The photographer I had the pleasure of working with on this creative and colorful studio shoot. With years of experience under her belt, She brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. The shoot took place at her state-of-the-art studio equipped with an array of cutting-edge cameras and lighting equipment. With a focus on capturing bold and vibrant images that would showcase the subject’s personality and style. To achieve this, she utilized a range of techniques, including experimenting with different lighting setups and using rubberbands and polyester cloth.

Trysta Kerekes

The first photographer I got to work with on a bridal photoshoot. I am honored to have been one of the first models she worked with! I love her personality and everything about her including her strive. ” I love working with people and getting to photograph moments that you will never forget! Every day that I get to connect with clients and create photographs that they will get to have for the rest of their lives just reminds me of how much I love doing what I do. It also helps that I have the greatest support system of friends and family who challenge me to be better every single day. I am forever blessed and grateful for the support and the business I have gotten over time. I am very passionate about my work and I am so thankful that I get to share that with people every single day.” – Trysta

Her Website

Terence Brown

About –

Your photos are a fingerprint. Every portrait session. Every wedding. It’s different. No two couples are the same so neither should your photos! From every session, you’ll come out refreshed. Like you just spent some time with a long-time friend. I like natural photos. Some posed but most like you’re enjoying your day. If you’re looking for fun and peace of mind, and for it to show in your photos, you’ve found it! As a wedding and portrait photographer here in South Carolina, I try to make sure every photo evokes emotion. Serving the Charlotte area as well, we’ll have plenty of spots to best suit the look you’re going for! So let’s get your session booked!” – Terence

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Nicole – Awake Dreaming

This beautiful and stunning soul came down on vacation to SC and was willing to work with me in my still “baby” stage of modeling. Her dreamy style is something that I LOVE she has a very dark and edgy vibe to her photos but is also super glamorous and editorial.  She has a knack for finding hidden gems in the midst of the winter scenery, transforming ordinary landscapes into magical wonderlands. Her expertise in manipulating natural light was particularly impressive, as she skillfully used the soft winter sunlight to create a warm and dreamy atmosphere in her photographs.  It was an unforgettable experience collaborating with her on this photoshoot, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such a talented photographer even while I was just getting back into the game.

Her website

Jamaal Josef

“Jamaal-Josef Pitts is a street and portrait photographer from Sumter, South Carolina who’s been active since 2017.  Pitts began his interest in photography as a hobby, a self-taught photographer who became fascinated with Photographers like Joel Meyerowitz, Gary Winograd, and Henri Cartier-Bresson. These individuals helped shape his interest in street photography along with his admiration for the work of his peers. Pitts began documenting life on the street with his camera as a way to connect to the world and the people around him, his eye for trying to catch moments that can tell a story or spark emotion has continued to fuel his passion for photography as well as helped him explore other genres of photography while staying grounded in the ideas and vision that helped him pick up a camera.”

His Website

Nicholas Tilley –

Born in Maine, my passion for photography started in the form of B&W film when I was in high school. Probably similar to most photographers I started taking snapshots of everything. It wasn’t until I moved to Raleigh, NC that my love for Portrait and lifestyle photography was realized. The ability to tell a story through photography is what I find beautiful. Whether our photoshoot represents the beginning, or end of your journey, there’s something special about having the ability to look back at those moments and reflect.

William – @mrcamerashy17

A photographer who can take your vision and turn it into life while making it 10x better is once in a blue moon It was no surprise when one of these images made it to the cover of a prestigious publication. Working with such a skilled photographer was an unforgettable experience that not only produced incredible results but also inspired me to explore my own creativity in future projects.

“William is a freelance photographer in the Charlotte Metro Area. With a passion for capturing the essence of his subjects, he has established himself as one of the premier photographers in the area. From high-end fashion campaigns to editorial photoshoots for leading publications. He’s been a professional photographer for three and a half years now”

Michelle Carter

As a photographer, her goal is to help others build confidence by seeing themselves in a positive light.  Through the art of photographs, she is able to create a safe space where her clients are able to create and express themselves. Working together with her clients she ensures that their visions will come to life. Carter has also provided creative direction for some of her well-known pieces of work. She wants her clients to know that”  There are millions of people in this world but there will always be only 1 you. You are One in a Million”

Her website

JD Dillensnyder

One photographer I absolutely love working with as a model is JD. His talent and creativity behind the camera are truly exceptional. JD has an incredible eye for capturing the essence of a person and bringing out their unique beauty. He has a knack for finding the perfect lighting, angles, and compositions that result in stunning photographs. What sets JD apart is his ability to make you feel comfortable and confident during the shoot. He creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing your true personality to shine through in the images. JD’s attention to detail is impeccable, ensuring that every shot is perfectly framed and composed. He also has a great sense of collaboration, valuing your input and ideas throughout the process. Working with JD is always a pleasure, as he brings professionalism, passion, and an artistic vision to every project.

IG @JD_Dillensnyder

Josh Cotner – @DSP.Images

DSP Photography/Videography stands out from other photographers/videographers in Columbia, South Carolina due to their unique approach to capturing moments and telling stories through their work. Unlike traditional photographers/videographers who focus solely on posed shots and formal portraits, DSP takes a more creative and artistic approach to their craft. They specialize in candid, documentary-style photography and videography that captures the authenticity and emotion of each moment.

Ricardo – @ricardophotos9

My name is Ricardo, I am from Colombia but I live in Concord, NC. I work as a teacher during the day and as a photographer at night. I love photography and Fuji cameras. I started this as a hobby but now it has become my passion and I am very excited to share this space with you. Please, follow me, and let’s start this journey together.

Ricardo is an exceptionally talented photographer and videographer who specializes in capturing cinematic and dreamy photos. With his unique artistic vision and technical expertise, he has gained a reputation for producing stunning visuals that transport viewers into a world of enchantment and beauty. One of Ricardo’s notable strengths lies in his ability to create a dreamlike atmosphere in his photographs. Through the clever use of composition and post-processing techniques, he is able to infuse his images with a sense of ethereal wonder.

Hannah – @hlynn.photographs

Seriously the most amazing human and THE BEST photographer that I call my friend. So amazingly talented with the most genuine soul.

“I’m Hannah, a passionate photographer and artist. From a young age, I’ve been drawn to the world of photography and art, always eager to capture moments and express my creativity. Whether it’s filming skits with friends or organizing professional photoshoots for clients, I find joy in every aspect of the process.”


This pumpkin spice girl is all I could ask for in a friend. having someone who is so creative and skilled behind the camera but also so talented and stunning in front of the camera as well is truly a refreshment. Madi and I share so much similarity and not being closer so that we could have coffee dates and creativity brainstorming sessions kills me a little inside. She is the most amazing, creative, and stunning woman and I’m glad that I have met her.

“I’m a portrait and brand photographer based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and surrounding areas like Charleston. I love traveling though and plan on shooting more and more toward the west coast in years to come. My photography is heavily inspired by movies, music, and the creativity of eccentric individuals. I enjoy working and bringing to life ideas created by those with heavy imaginations, while also showcasing the beauty and features of those individuals. “

Her website –

Brannon Miller

A landscape photographer who chooses to challenge himself. I randomly messaged him one night asking if he’d be down to shoot with a car. his response was “Absolutly!” and it blossomed into the most amazing night of creatives just creating together. his skill behind the camera is amazing and he has an eye for traveling and landscape photography.

IG @brannon__miller

Visualsbybrooks – @visualsbybrooks

The newest addition to the Camden area. He and his stunning wife are by far the power couple. with him behind the camera and her in front they create the most stunning content. Working with him was an amazing experience.


Roche Matthews

Feature on the cover of Feather magazine with this stunning image. Roche has just recently moved from Myrtle Beach to the NC area! Specifically shooting greens and portraits his eye for photography is very unique.

“I’m a passionate photographer who loves capturing moments and creating beautiful memories through my lens. From candid shots to stunning portraits, I strive to deliver unique and captivating images that tell a story. Take a browse through my work and let’s connect to discuss how I can capture your special moments!” – Roche

His IG @roche.jpeg2000

Sergey Bidun – @bidunportraits

I had the privilege of working with Sergey in Greenville and he by far exceeded my expectations. He made me do a double-take when I was sent the photos of myself. I was amazed by how amazing I looked. i appreciate him spending time with me and taking these amazing portraits of me.

Sergey Bidun is a professional photographer specializing in fine art portrait,  family, senior, and children photography, serving the greater Sacramento area, Northern California. 

As one of Sacramento’s Top Fine Art Portrait Photographers, Sergey Bidun is privileged to be able to capture timeless, classic images in his Sacramento studio. Like our in-studio and outdoor sessions, the goal is to capture genuine expressions and real connections between families. We love capturing the bonds that hold families together, and we know that our clients adore seeing these portraits hanging in their homes.

His website

Kelly – @kelzphoto

I was honored when Kelz reached out to work with me while we were both in Charleston for vacation. Having seen her work before and wanting to already work with her I immediately said YES. we braved the drenching wet heat together and created some stunning images that I believe will definitely be a favorite of mine for a while. having a photographer so dedicated to her craft to not only brave the heat but also be in all black for the 2 hours we were outside!

“I value the moments that are real and raw. The moments that you cannot imagine not being able to relive, and that’s why I’m here. So that you can relive those days, over and over. I truly believe in capturing the in-between moments so in a session with me you will hear the shutter clicking almost constantly. Will I deliver all those images – Absolutely not – no one wants those awkward faces. Doing this does allow me to get genuine smiles in between moments laughing at yourselves, etc.

Her website –

Alexandra Rostad – @littlerunawayphotos

When I say she brought all the giggles she did! This day was so fun hanging out with her and getting to explore more of Charleston that I haven’t seen. the photos were so stunning and I can’t thank her enough for having me!

“I grew up always having a camera in my hand. After I graduated high school, I moved to California to attend Art School, where I studied Film and Video. But I quickly realized that film was not what I wanted to do. Eventually, I changed my focus and fell in love with photography. ​ Capturing authentic moments is where my heart lives. Over the past couple of years, I have been discovering that working with small businesses and entrepreneurs is what I truly love doing. I feel like I really get to be creative and push my limits.” – Alex

Her website

Kim Oakley – @studio3p29063

Kim was such a joy to work with. She has such a creative way she captures you and can turn you into your wildest dreams. I loved being able to come up with concepts with her!

“It is my joy to create reflections that allow the subject to see themselves in a familiar, yet new, light. I truly believe that every girl needs a picture of herself that she loves. More than just a photograph, but a portrait that shows her what a beautiful and self-confident person she is becoming. Each young man should have a portrait that captures him on the verge of realizing his path, and the course of his life. Younger children have amazing powers of imagination and make-believe that are lost all too soon; this magic should be captured. Ladies who give so much of themselves to their loved ones can regain their essence through empowering portrait sessions. Men, who build and nurture, should add to their legacy with crafted portraits. I believe in the fulfilling power of portraiture because I have felt it myself; it is an experience I want to share with other souls” – Kim


Consistently working with new photographers, be on the lookout for more amazing photographers coming soon!