Hello, I’m Bella a seasoned professional model who has established myself as a prominent figure in the modeling industry. With numerous accomplishments, publications, and achievements under my belt, I have become a sought-after model based out of the Carolinas, working on building my national reach. I am a natural creative who has refined my skills by working on both sides of the camera, which sets me apart from others by giving me a broader perspective and skill as a model.

My History

The start of my modeling career was with my mom. She was a full-time professional photographer before I was born, working with (now) well-known companies like Calvin Klein, Birkenstock, iHeart Radio, and many others. She was a published photographer and Agency test shooter way before I even came into the picture. I don’t want to say I was the reason she stopped… but I definitely played a part… however, I did make up for it later in life (recently). When I was little I was a spit-fire of energy with a cute face full of freckles. My mom loved taking pictures of me and with the help of those photos and my aunt who was a big campaign producer, I landed my first commercial with DURACELL yes you heard that right I was in a Duracell battery commercial when I was little.

Throughout my childhood I had so many photoshoots with not only my mom but also during workshops with other local photographers…it was just normal. Leading into my pre-teens I started to hate consistently being in front of the camera so I stopped entertaining my mom’s fanatics with a camera and picked up a camera of my own. That is where I found my love for photography and from then on out I started doing everything photography-related, getting so good that I had others asking me to take their photos for their “family” wall in their home. At the age of 15, I got hired for my first wedding (looking back WOW was I lucky) and those photos turned out amazing (they are still in my portfolio today)! I started my photography business then and there and started joining workshops to build out my portfolio further. After a full year of making part-time income from photography I started to find a love for modeling again… stepping in front of the camera for workshops, doing small shoots here and there for friends and other photographers but never enough to post them.

The summer I turned 16 I was hired by a photographer – a friend of a mutual friend who had shot with me earlier that year. He paid me $200 for 2hrs and I saw how amazing modeling was again and that I could actually make good money with it. For safety (new photographer), I had a friend join me to keep me company and I shared half of that money… I had convinced her to get a few photos done by him while we were there to boost her confidence! She is now an amazing model and I’m so happy I helped her discover the world of modeling! After that photoshoot the rest of my “modeling on the side” was history. I fell in love with modeling once again and I had to continue doing it so I created an account and it SPIKED with photographers and other models… I now am a full-time photographer AND model who can sustain myself with the combined income and I have the full support of my family!